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Tig Notaro (x)

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They are so beautiful.

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Anonymous asked: I read one of your posts from a while back where you said you saw two homeless men going at it in a park. Did that really happen? I need to hear this story.


oH IT HAPPENED (careful, this will be NSFW). I used to work at a hospital in the kitchens, serving meals to patients, etc, and the shift always ended late at night. So I was walking to the bus stop after my shift, and I had to go through a park to get there. It was almost midnight by this point.  

And as I was reaching the other side of the park I heard a series of weird and suspicious noises going on and I noticed that no less than four meters away from me there was a man performing aggressive fellatio on another man and I just sort of froze, simultaneously terrified and mesmerized. One does not simply ignore public acts of sucking dick. 

But then they both realized I was standing there and looked around at me, standing in my custard-stained candy-striped coloured uniform (the guy on his knees peeked around the other dudes waist like “exCUSE ME”) and I fucking freaked the fuck out, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE PROTOCOL WAS IN THIS SITUATION, SHOULD I RUN? SHOULD I SAY SOMETHING? SHOULD I APPLAUD? THEY BOTH JUST KEPT STARING AT ME AND I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE FUCK TO DO LIKE

I ended up just running full-speed out of the park all the way to the bus stop, and then just sat on the bus for the hour-long ride with the most shell-shocked expression you can imagine. I told my dad about it when I got home and he laughed so hard he had to leave the room. 

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Just remember. There is no such thing as a fake geek girl.
There are only fake geek boys.
Science fiction was invented by a woman.


Specifically a teenage girl. You know, someone who would be a part of the demographic that some of these boys are violently rejecting.

Isaac Asimov.

yo mary shelley wrote frankenstein in 1818 and isaac asimov was born in 1920 so you kinda get my point


  • she wrote the first science-fiction novel, a century and a half before Frankenstein. It has bear-men and spider-men and ZOMBIE ARMIES and FISH-MEN WITH BOMBS.
  • she was the first woman to publish her autobiography
  • she was all into science and hung out with the Royal Society and was bros with Hobbes and Descartes
  • she was super-shy but at the same time wanted to be super-famous (“though I cannot be Henry the Fifth, or Charles the Second; yet, I will endeavour to be, Margaret the First: and, though I have neither Power, Time nor Occasion, to be a great Conqueror, like Alexander, or Cesar; yet, rather than not be Mistress of a World, since Fortune and the Fates would give me none, I have made One of my own”) and she wore CRAZY OUTFITS and Samuel Pepys was all like “I SAW THE DUCHESS OF NEWCASTLE TODAY YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE CRAZY SHIT SHE WAS WEARING SHE’S REALLY HOT THO”
  • she wrote a TON of stuff, poetry and drama and natural philosophy and a lot of it wasn’t that good because she wasn’t educated and some people thought she was a nutcase for being a WOMAN who WROTE THINGS but she just COULD NOT STOP WRITING
  • this passage: “but of the second rank are for the most part those we call Insects, whose production proceds from such causes as have no conformity or likeness with their produced Effects; as for example, Maggots bred out of Cheese, and several others generated out of Earth, Water, and the like. But said the Empress, there is some likeness between Maggots and Cheese; for Cheese has no blood, nor Maggots neither; besides, they have almost the same taste which Cheese has. This proves nothing, answered they; for Maggots have a visible, local, progressive motion, which Cheese hath not. The Empress replied, That when all the Cheese was turned into Maggots, it might be said to have local, progressive motion. They answered, That when the Cheese by its own figurative motions was changed into Maggots, it was no more Cheese”
  • I know I’m forgetting more awesome stuff about her but tl;dr SHE WAS AWESOME

This post got better.

D&D inspiration 

*e* Also jesus christ dear dude who said Issac Asimov: Asimov wasn’t even the first MALE science fiction writer, you ever fucking heard of HG Wells and Jules Verne? Edgar Allan Poe? And these two ladies predated them all and inspired them all. Chriiiist. If you’re going to attempt to mansplain at least fucking know your genre. Fucking fake geek boys, get off my motherfucking lawn. 

(chuckle) Madge was a trip. I can just see her off in a corner of Heaven somewhere with Hypatia and all the FRS science bros, blowing things up.

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Why Captain America is Perfect

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Argentinian President Becomes Godmother To Daughter Of Lesbian Couple, Baptised In Catholic Cathedral

Carina Villaroel and Soledad Ortiz have friends in high places. At least, they do now. 

Argentinian tradition dictates that families can invite the country’s president to become godparent to their seventh child. Yup, SEVENTH. In case basic math isn’t your forte, that means having SIX before. And then another one. (You’re welcome. You may now put your calculators away) Not an impossible task, of course, but it does make such a parental privilege a rarely sought one - and one accepted by the President even less frequently.

But after marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples were passed in the South American country in 2010, lesbian couple Villaroel and Ortiz thought they’d contact President Cristina Fernandez to try their luck. They wanted to ‘thank her for the law that gave us rights”. It was a lottery-style gamble of epic proportions, given that they had only conceived one-seventh of the necessary baby quota to warrant such a request. So when Fernandez agreed, the couple were instantly elevated to Cloud 9-levels of elation. But that wasn’t all. 

In another progressive turn of events, the ceremony for two-month old Umma Azul signified the first time the child of a same-sex couple was baptised in a Roman Catholic church in the country. Specifically, a cathedral in Cardoba, Argentina’s second-largest city.

"Father Varas told us he had been waiting for a couple like us", Villaroel told Reuters. "And we happened to come and he accepted us. There’s been a real social change for Catholicism to have said ‘yes’ to baptising a child from a lesbian family."

President Fernandez’s breaking of tradition is a milestone of respect for families with same-sex parents. And while it may take the Catholic church some time before it formally approves of gay and lesbian relationships, the baptism of little Umma at least signals a step in the right direction. 

Villaroel and Ortiz are now planning a wedding to follow. 

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Can I just say — in DA2 I love playing as a mage because mages are so graceful. And I am fascinated by any martial art (since we only see them do this with “offense”/combat magic) that imbues violence with beauty.

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